The introduction

The “addiction” of making a crowd dance started at  an early age. The passion started all thanks to my brother-in-law(s) and my parents. In the late 90’s Chicago house music was a popular genre in any house party. My brother in law(s) gave me the opportunity of taking over a house party at the age of 13. So with no hesitation I took over the “set”. As soon as the first song was played, the crowd began to the dance, and the “addiction” began!! The following weeks after that party, I began practicing daily. Multiple “DJ” sessions took place in my bedroom with partial parts of my father’s Pioneer Stereo, a four channel mixer from Radio Shack, and the first version of PlayStation. At the age of 15, my parents surprised me with a whole DJ setup. The two speakers, cd players, mixer and an amplifier made me an “Official” DJ. Since then I been performing in multiple private events in the Chicago metropolitan area. On more than one occasion I have had the privilege of performing with the most respected DJs in the Chicago metropolitan area.


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